Specialised Epoxy Flooring

residential flooringOur specialised epoxy flooring solutions offer ultra smooth, chemical and impact resistant floors, and are ideal for specialist areas that require specific flooring characteristics and qualities.

Our epoxy flooring solution is highly recommended for the following:

  • Showroom
  • Gallery
  • Public Area
  • Library
  • Retail Spaces
  • Commercial office

A selection of colors is available and for more heavily trafficked areas such as the garage or car parking area, we have a range of flooring suited specifically for this requirement featuring slip resistance, abrasion, fire and crack resistance.

Available in a selection of colors – more colors available on request:

Residential flooring colour chart

    Easy to clean.
    Beautiful High Gloss Shine.
    Long lasting durability.
    Economically Smart.

Epoxy Flooring Examples: